Kikishipka   October 13, 2023

Hey everyone! Sorry it’s taken so long to update the news on here. I was diagnosed with lupus and marfan syndrome and i’ve been experiencing a lot of pain which has taken me away from other things, but i am baxk. The latest news is that Kiernan’s new horror flick Totally Killer is now out on amazon!

Kikishipka   September 11, 2022

It’s been a bit since I have updated the news. So many things have happened but today is the biggest with Kiernan in Toronto for TIFF’s premiere of her new film Wildflower. The first portraits have been released. Check out the gallery for all new images (which I have regularly been adding to) 

Kikishipka   April 10, 2022

The highly anticipated movie/show will be premiering on Roku in four days! The film was originally a quibi project but when the company Swimming With Sharks along with many other films had to find new homes. Check on my youtube channel for new interviews and clips

Kikishipka   March 29, 2022

So I wasn’t able to retrieve my original youtube channel for the site so I made a new one. Click the link to view and subscribe – many new videos soon to come!

Kikishipka   March 29, 2022

Despite the crazy altercation between Will Smith and Chris Rock Kiernan looks like she’s having a blast at the Oscars after party wearing a super cute gown by Elie Saab! Adding a bunch of photos from the event to the gallery!

Kikishipka   March 28, 2022

Sorry i’ve been absent from keeping you guys updated on here about Kiernan. In September I found out I have a severe form of A-fib that sadly enough had taken the lives of both my uncles.; and I’ve been diagnosed with POTS syndrome I’ve been in and out of the hospital and doctors and although i’ve been keeping up with the gallery – the news has been lagging.

So here’s what you’ve missed – Kiernan seems to living her best life with friends and has a new addiction to vintage Dolce and Gabbana but honestly who can blame her?

In April her film Swimming With Sharks will be debuting on Roku and it looks like it’s going to be great.

There are a couple projects such as The Whitehouse Plumbers and Wildflower which have finished filming but we as of yet do not know when these will be released.

It’s also been reported that Kiernan will co-star in the thriller Berlin Nobody with Eric Bana. So far nothing has begun on this project but since the fact it’s based in Germany and there’s currently a war going on in nearby Ukriane and possibly a world war starting – it just might have been put on the back burner for a bit while things hopefully simmer down in eastern europe.