Kikishipka   January 3, 2018

Kiernan was spotted last weekend with her mom at a Bakery in Boynton Beach, Florida. I don’t know about ya’ll but that looks like some damn good baked goods!

Kikishipka   December 26, 2017

Hey everyone! here’s to hoping everyone had a great Christmas! Our Gallery is finally complete (for the most part). Now you can find screencaps from every single movie, show, interview, or short video that Kiernan has been in spanning a career well over ten years! Stay tuned for our Youtube channel which will feature interviews, movie and show clips all in one place!

Here’s to hoping for a great 2018!


Kikishipka   December 15, 2017

Good News Everyone! The Silence has been bought by the film company Global Road – which means that hopefully we will be getting this moving sometime soon in 2018 (perhaps the summer?) Anyways, Here’s the article below!


Global Road Entertainment has acquired the U.S. rights to horror movie “The Silence,” starring Stanley Tucci, Miranda Otto, Kiernan Shipka and John Corbett.

“Annabelle” director John Leonetti helmed the film, based on the book by Tim Lebbon. Producers are Robert Kulzer, Alexandra Milchan  and Scott Lambert. Constantin CEO Martin Moszkowicz is executive producer.

“The Silence” centers on a family struggling to survive in a world terrorized by a deadly, primeval species who have bred for decades in the pitch darkness of a vast underground cave system, hunting only with their acute hearing. As the family seeks refuge in a remote haven where they can wait out the invasion, they start to wonder what kind of world will remain when they’re ready to emerge. Shipka plays a deaf girl who provides the only hope of survival.

“’The Silence’ complements our original production slate as we ramp up towards eventually releasing approximately 15 films per year,” said Global Road CEO Rob Friedman. “The underlying source material for the film combined with the finished product delivered by the filmmakers offers a compelling, visceral experience for audiences worldwide.”

Global Road owns IM Global and Open Road Films. The company, which had been Tang Media Partners, rebranded itself as Global Road in October after hiring veteran executive Friedman.

The deal was negotiated on behalf of Global Road Entertainment by John Zois. Nick Hanks of Constantin Film and CAA’s Benjamin Kramer negotiated on behalf of the filmmakers.

Kikishipka   December 10, 2017

After months of seeing no Kiernan around due to filming of The Silence and  other things, she was seen twice this week in Los Angeles shopping and running errands. Click the photos below to be redirected to the albums.

Hopefully We’ll see more of the kid in the upcoming year on the red carpet and in magazine print!

Aside from that I am super happy to announce with the exception of a few minor things – Our Gallery is near complete!

Hopefully the plan is to have a video archive which will be located on Youtube – We are currently working on getting that up and running!


Kikishipka   November 12, 2017

On Friday Kiernan crossed another milestone in her life – She joined the world of adults. Turning 18 on the 10th we wish her all the best and hope she had an amazing birthday.

Kikishipka   November 5, 2017

Hey everyone! More news from the set of ‘The Silence’ thanks to The Hollywood Reporter! By the way they got the name of the book author wrong – it’s Tim Lebbon! Also I have noticed a slight backlash online when it came to Kiernan being casted as a deaf character. Nothing really major but there are some people that are feeling that the part should have went to a deaf actress. With that said, you can’t make everyone happy and like I have said before that they obviously chose Kiernan for a reason, and Tim has even said that he approved in their chose in actress and the way she is playing Ally. He was recently on set and had nothing but positive things to say. She has been learning ALS and has a tutor on the set to help with this. Aside from this minor issue that I have come across; people are looking forward to seeing this book hit the big screen. Below is the article from The Hollywood Reporter. No photos yet – Sorry guys! Lets hope this changes soon! filming should be wrapping up this month!

How Deafness Is Adding Extra Scares to John Leonetti’s Horror Movie ‘The Silence’

‘Mad Men’ actress Kiernan Shipka is a deaf girl battling monsters, says the director: “Sound — even dialogue — is the enemy.”
John Leonetti knows horror. The veteran filmmaker, 61, cut his teeth as a focus puller on the original Poltergeist. As cinematographer on James Wan’s Insidious and The Conjuring, he contributed to two of the franchises that launched the current horror boom. And he scored his own bona fide horror hit with 2014’s Annabelle, which grossed $256 million worldwide.

He spoke to The Hollywood Reporter from Toronto, where he’s shooting The Silence, a high-concept chiller about a world beset by monsters in which a deaf girl (Mad Men’s Kiernan Shipka) provides the only hope of survival. Mister Smith Entertainment is handling international sales at AFM.

There are a lot of horror films out there — what sets The Silence apart?

The story, based on a book by Tim Levin, has the whole world being taken over by these prehistoric reptiles that have been locked in caves in the dark for millions of years. These creatures, called Vesps, don’t have eyes. They base everything on sound. Anything that makes a sound, they dive-bomb and swarm. They’re unstoppable. But this family, their 17-year-old daughter Ally is deaf, so they communicate with sign language. That gives them a chance to escape. It’s really a family drama with an apocalyptic situation. And the concept of silence, that sound — even dialogue — is the enemy, makes it unique.

Has sound design been the biggest challenge in making the movie?

The concept of The Silence means there’s another dimension of this film that most movies don’t have. What drives this movie is sound and silence. On this film, sound drives picture more than any movie I’ve ever worked on in my 40-year career: the sound of a leaf hitting the ground, the loudness of sirens, the sound of silence.