Kikishipka   August 11, 2020

Kiernan is in this months issue of Instyle Magazine. Check out our gallery for the rest of the photo shoot!

Kikishipka   July 15, 2020

So we have already brought you the sad news that Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina is ending after part 4 premieres later this year. From what we have been reading and hearing is that the show isn’t going to get the ending it deserves. There is currently a petition going around to bring back Sabrina for a fifth and final part (or more tbh). Hit the link below and sign your name! There is already over 130,000 signatures!

Kikishipka   July 9, 2020

Sabrina’s official instagram just dropped new images of the final season.

Kikishipka   July 9, 2020

It’s super sad, I know! Just a couple of hours ago the shows official instagram posted photos for the upcoming part with the message that part four will be their last. The final season will be dropping later this year.

Kikishipka   March 17, 2020

Kikishipka   February 28, 2020

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