Kikishipka   July 31, 2018

On Saturday Kiernan and the cast of Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina took to instagram with their In My Feelings challenge. Now, while no one jumped out of a car and proceeded to dance – the cast shook things up with spice when they rolled their ‘kiki’ to the front during the first verse.

Yes Kiki, we love it! You killed it girl!

Kikishipka   July 31, 2018

Kikishipka   July 17, 2018

In the past few weeks we have found some more information about this amazingly supernatural show that we are eagerly waiting for. First of all Comic Con has released photos of the Official Swag Bags that have the Teaser Poster for the show on it (See Below). Then on Friday the 13th Netflix launched Sabrina’s instagram, Twitter, and Facebook pages willing it with witchy goodness and wicked aesthetics – Not to mention sharing some photos and videos of Kiernan as Sabrina.

As of the past couple days there is an official page on Netflix dedicated to Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina with the synopsis as well as a release of the titles of the first eight episodes. Will we be getting a full trailer at Comic Con? Perhaps – with all this new info its definitely a possibility.

Kikishipka   July 17, 2018

Kikishipka   June 30, 2018

Hey everyone! I’m back with some news! A few days ago a few magazine and websites from various countries. Nothing has been released yet due to an embargo, but I’m thinking it’s going to be close to the end of this month in time for their TCA Panel on July 29th. No photos were published but one of the reporters posted this photo of her and Kier during one of these interviews. Hopefully we’ll get a trailer on the 29th and a date!

Kikishipka   May 31, 2018

Hey everyone! Sorry for the lack of news on here but there hasn’t really been too much aside from the fact that Kiernan is still filming Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina in Vancouver. Sticking to the comic arc written by Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa (and illustrated by Robert Hack) they are keeping the same name which is a very good hint that the show will closely follow the comic books. Some people may not be happy because it might involve a death of a certain character but as someone who has read each issue that is currently available – I am excited! Kiernan revealed the first official photo of Sabrina on her instagram account a couple weeks back. 

Fingers crossed that we will get to see photos of the rest of the Spellman clan! In the gallery you will also find some more behind the scenes images of filming. (click the link below)
Hopefully we’ll be getting some more excited info soon but for now that’s it!

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