Kikishipka   July 17, 2018

Kikishipka   June 30, 2018

Hey everyone! I’m back with some news! A few days ago a few magazine and websites from various countries. Nothing has been released yet due to an embargo, but I’m thinking it’s going to be close to the end of this month in time for their TCA Panel on July 29th. No photos were published but one of the reporters posted this photo of her and Kier during one of these interviews. Hopefully we’ll get a trailer on the 29th and a date!

Kikishipka   May 31, 2018

Hey everyone! Sorry for the lack of news on here but there hasn’t really been too much aside from the fact that Kiernan is still filming Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina in Vancouver. Sticking to the comic arc written by Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa (and illustrated by Robert Hack) they are keeping the same name which is a very good hint that the show will closely follow the comic books. Some people may not be happy because it might involve a death of a certain character but as someone who has read each issue that is currently available – I am excited! Kiernan revealed the first official photo of Sabrina on her instagram account a couple weeks back. 

Fingers crossed that we will get to see photos of the rest of the Spellman clan! In the gallery you will also find some more behind the scenes images of filming. (click the link below)
Hopefully we’ll be getting some more excited info soon but for now that’s it!

Kikishipka   May 1, 2018

One of Kiernan’s early projects has surfaced online. A Rag Doll Story was filmed in 2007/2008 and hasn’t been made available until recently. It’s an adorable story about a little girl and her doll who befriends a homeless man. Watch below! Happy Monday everyone! Shoutouts tomorrow!

Kikishipka   April 22, 2018

Filming has been moved to Cloverdale for the time being and with that we got the images you have been dying to see! Our amazing Paparazzi friend Yapapparazzo snapped 24 images of Kiernan with Co-star Ross Lynch during a scene of The Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina – kissing and looking completely adorbs (Yes – It almost made me forget this boy played Jeffrey Dahmer).  We cannot thank him enough for driving all the way to Cloverdale and getting these images in the middle of the night no less!

Click on the photo below to see the album – or just head to the gallery!

Kikishipka   April 18, 2018

June 8th of this year you will get to see Kiernan in The Silence. Unfortunately another movie called A quiet place has seemed to have ripped off Tim Lebbon’s book which was published a year before the script was apparently written. They have not mentioned Lebbon’s book as a source and claim that it was their own creation.  That movie which was too similar to be a coincidence was released on the 6th of this month. Lebbon is aware of this but is assuring us that The Silence will stand out on its own.

I don’t know about you, but I’m going to wait until June to not only see our girl Kiernan slay another role, but to see a film that is actually giving credit to the author whose talent should be praised.