Kikishipka   October 23, 2017

News from the set of Kiernan’s new movie – The Silence…or lack there of. Below is a recent article from last week about filming. apparently they are trying to keep everything tight lipped about what is going on. I have been able to find some photos that were taken. As you see Kiernan is shooting a scene with fellow Feud co-star Stanley Tucci who from proof of these photos is playing her father Hew.

In keeping with the title of their film, producers remain tight-lipped about The Silence being filmed on Newmarket’s Main Street.

American flags are flying from the flag poles on Main Street, just south of the clock tower and a mock car accident scene complete with vehicles with U.S. plates and an American police car are making locals passing by do a double-take.

According to a local resident who briefly spoke with a member of the movie crew, The Silence is being filmed at the location that closed Main Street from Timothy to Park and Botsford Street from Church to Main on Oct. 17 and will intermittently interrupt traffic on Oct. 18 and 19 until the cast and crew packs it in.

“It is a closed union set,” a publicist said. “We are not looking for any publicity and are discouraging onlookers.”
Crew members have been escorting members of the public with cameras trying to snap a photo of the action off the set.

A popular movie website shows the cast list, which includes Stanley Tucci and Kiernan Shipka.

It is a tale of a deaf teen named Ally and her family whose lives are turned upside down when a bat colony is attacked by a parasitic insect near their New Jersey home. The bats morph into a deadly species known as Vesps that grow quickly and begin attacking humans.

Ally has heightened senses due to her blindness, making her able to feel when the creatures are close and come to the conclusion that the slightest noise attracts them in large numbers. She and her family take to the woods to live in complete silence as they hatch a survival plan.