Kikishipka   October 14, 2019

Kiernan and Ross made their first appearance at Chicago’s comic con Saturday and we have photos to share! Check out the gallery for all of day one’s images and Photoshoot photos! Stay tuned for day two!

Kikishipka   October 10, 2019
Kikishipka   September 17, 2019

It’s with a hard decision that we have decided any further rare and old personal photos that will be posted will contain a watermark. Mainly this is because people are placing them on VK, Pinterest and Instagram and not siting where they are from. It took the Shipka crew YEARS to collect these photos. Nearly eight years when kikishipka started on the vk. This may upset some people especially with the rares we will soon be dropping but that’s just what you get not giving credit to the site and group that worked hard to find the images you get thousands of likes on.


Shipka Crew

Kikishipka   September 3, 2019

Not Much News But We’re Still Adding New Stuff To The Gallery. It’s been a slow few months and while we still aren’t sure when part 3 will drop, we’re hoping it’s before the new year!

Also we are currently looking for people to help with our gallery that has experience with Coppermine and making screenshots. If this is you send me an email at

Kikishipka   June 27, 2019
Kikishipka   June 2, 2019


A couple weeks ago the cast and crew went back to Vancouver to start filming parts 3 &4 (which is basically the entirety of season 2).

Unlike the first time around, the cast and crew have been feeding their ever growing fan base with amazing photos and videos.

How long will all this filming take and when can we enjoy the first part of season 2? That’s kind of up in the air but rumors say filming completes next February so who knows? Perhaps this October will get that new season like we’ve been praying to Satan for 😈👹