Kikishipka   August 13, 2016



Welcome to Simply Shipka or – Your number one source for all news related to Kiernan Shipka!

Orignally starting off as kikishipka on back in 2010 – I became administrator of the group in 2014. After realizing that kikishipka could be more than just a group on vk –  I had  decided to open this website to accompany our group and Instagram account (SimplyKiernanShipka). That was over a year ago and I did not foresee how amazing our page would become. We are currently one of the only sites that provides current information and news related to our talented girl, Kiernan.

We are made up of a few people hailing from different corners of the world (Turkey, India, China, Russia, and Illinois,US) but we all had one goal in common. We wanted to provide a fast, up to date site that will always have the news posted first. For over a year now (longer on the vk) we have been true to our word.

Our gallery is constantly growing and I stopped counting at over 125,000 images.

We are not Kiernan. We are a non-profit site dedicated to her and her amazing talent.  Any images and multimedia are copyright to their rightful owners unless specifically noted otherwise –  These photographers have done an amazing job and there are so many of them that I can’t give them all shout outs here but we love ya! No copyright infringement is intended. Screencaptures are made by myself exclusively for this site and for Obviously the media itself is copyrighted to the rightful owners.

Be sure to check back in daily for updates and check our quickly growing gallery

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