Kikishipka   May 4, 2017

The last episode of Feud made me cry. It was beautiful yet so sad and like all amazing things it came to an end. This show along with the series finale of Bates Motel pretty much had me distraught for like a week so I’m now getting back to you guys.

Here are screenshots of Kiernan as BD in this last episode. They used makeup and lighting to make Kiki look older in this final scene between mother and daughter. This was in BD’s book and it upset me greatly. Anyways I think they did a pretty good job trying to make Kiernan look about 27-28 (the age BD was when this happened)

Click to see more from the album! (Also Mad Men Seasons 3 and 4 are complete along with the movies Fan Girl and One & Two —Go Check It Out!)


Kikishipka   May 4, 2017

A Bit behind with posting about this (I’ve had the albums up and complete for weeks! Sorry) But on April 21st Kiernan looked awesome in a pink gown by Erdem London at the Feud Fx’s For You Consideration event in Los Angeles. Click on the pictures below to see more from the red Carpet and The Q&A/afterparty.




Kikishipka   April 21, 2017

Kiernan once again appeared on this past Sunday’s episode of Feud: Bette and Joan. In this second to last episode in the eight part series, BD obtains permission to marry her 29 year old love interest Jeremy Hyman. Not gonna lie – it’s extremely sad and I feel bad for Bette but that’s only because I know what BD and Jeremy say about her in their book, the sequel to My Mother’s Keeper —Narrow Is The Way. Anyways, there’s only one episode to the series left – Will Kiernan make an appearance in the last one? We Definitely hope so! Click Below on the photos to see the gallery from Sunday’s episode.

Also, I have finished adding Fan Girl, One & Two and Mad Men Season 5 screenshots. There’s lots more to come! We are nearing 100,000 photos!



Kikishipka   April 7, 2017

Last night Kiernan attended an event in Santa Monica Caroline De Maigret And Pharrell Williams Host A Dinner In Celebration Of Chanel’s Gabrielle Bag. She looked flawless in a cute flowing blouse and jeans from the new collection! The first photos are currently up in the gallery and more are to be added soon! Enjoy!


Kikishipka   April 7, 2017

Kikishipka   April 7, 2017

Make sure to grab your copy when it drops! The first photo is currently available and looks awesome!