Kikishipka   April 21, 2017

Kiernan once again appeared on this past Sunday’s episode of Feud: Bette and Joan. In this second to last episode in the eight part series, BD obtains permission to marry her 29 year old love interest Jeremy Hyman. Not gonna lie – it’s extremely sad and I feel bad for Bette but that’s only because I know what BD and Jeremy say about her in their book, the sequel to My Mother’s Keeper —Narrow Is The Way. Anyways, there’s only one episode to the series left – Will Kiernan make an appearance in the last one? We Definitely hope so! Click Below on the photos to see the gallery from Sunday’s episode.

Also, I have finished adding Fan Girl, One & Two and Mad Men Season 5 screenshots. There’s lots more to come! We are nearing 100,000 photos!